Izilech. Missing Wrathborne Crown


Picked up item trophy Wrathborn Crown from Izilech the Misshapen but i did not receive this item in my inventory.

It’s lost.
How can I get the item in the future if I already have it according to the game but it’s not there in my inventory?

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Same issue for me. I’ve completed it several times.

Hey folks,

The items from the raid bosses don’t show up in the conventional inventory. The only show up when you’re using the helliquary interface.

If it was in there in the helliquar interface I wouldn’t write here.dad item can’t be found.dunno what i can do

Wrathbone Crown is not in my Helliquary interface either, nor in my inventory. It’s checked with the green checkmark in the raid ux though, so I should have it.

Do you have all of the previous 5 relics slotted in the Helliquary? If so, remove one, then check the UI to see if both the one you removed and Izilech’s shows up.

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Had same issue however it’s there you just have to remove one and put the other on it’s there trust me