I've LOST my diabalo 3 character

wtf I don’t play for awhile… I come back to game my character is dead

Blizzard does not delete or remove Diablo 3 characters.

If you were playing Hardcore and walked away from the computer while your character was in a combat area with mobs you risk the character getting killed by mobs.

If you pause the game that pause does not stop the AFK timer from counting down. Before the game logs you out, it ends the pause and goes live for 10 seconds, during which a HC char may be killed if not in town.

This 10 seconds also happens if you DC, have a power failure, etc. That 10 seconds of live time is done to prevent people from pulling the plug so to speak when they get into trouble in HC and try to avoid death.

Customer service will not revive Hardcore chars for any reason. They really mean it when they have you agree that death in HC is permanent.

The only other thing that can happen is that someone else played your account. Blizzard does not allow account sharing.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. MVPs do not represent Blizzard or speak for Blizzard.