It's time to merge Diablo Immortal Servers

So I dropped a little over $1000 on my character and I am extremely disappointed with the results. But that’s another story…Today I want to talk about server population.

At a meager CR of 3090; and Resonance 1400; I am finding it hard to find other players to farm/grind H3 content, let alone H4. This is during PRIME hours. This weekend was frustrating with how few people that could play at the content level I wanted. So, instead I helped other players farms. But that’s only fun for so long. It’s so hard to get top tier raids for Lassal. It’s even harder to find players for Vitaath, and I can pretty much forget about Gorgoroth.

I even see peoples struggling to get parties for H2 content.


Well for a few reasons. The most critical reason is that there are no longer enough people in the appropriate CR range. Another reasons is that there are simply not enough players period anymore. There isn’t incentive for players to replay raids (replaying raid should yield some rewards to encourage high level players to help out low level players, and those who simply need enough people to have the raid)

Since the games’ release the population has been steadily declining on the server I play. That’s not entirely unexpected for a new game. But combined with the cost of having to level your character to handle end game content, and the amount of time it takes to get gear with a high enough CR; it’s starting to become not worth playing anymore, and more importantly to Blizzard-----I am done spending money.

It’s not that there’s nothing to do, or that the game is not fun. It’s that there are not enough players to play with. Perhaps cross-server dungeons party finder?

The raid party finder needs an overhaul too. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen a list of multiple individual raids, each with a few players in each. If there was a system in place to suggest a raid merge; imagine how much time could be save. Cross-server raiding could also assist with wait times as well.

I don’t mind spending money on this game, sure I would like better drop rates globally; I would like to see better drops for F2P so they can keep it fun playing with others.

But if there not enough players with high enough CR that can handle the tiny new content that has been release—why would I spend more money?

We all know Diablo is a grinding game…but this is too much. Give me reason to spend more money…better drop rates (Not just for paying customers, free to play too).

Until then, I will continue to enjoy the game; and look forward to new content. But I am done spending cash until there are some improvements.

In summary:
Combine servers, Improve Party/Raid Finder. Improve global drop rates for BOTH P2W and F2P, Provide incentives for running previously completed content to support the community…


Blizzard does have a long-term issue in this game. The amount of $ folks will pay is only going to be temporary unless they do make some changes. Many folks I know are playing only until D4 drops. They also are only spending so much, if at all, as they know this game is not a longer-term ride.

Yes, I agree. The population problem is very serious. Luckily, I am in the high population server now but in some servers there are many low population-caused issues and I 100% believe we will have those same issues in the near future. Server merging is a good way to go and we need many updates.

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