It's a buzy day for Blizzard Services!

WOW a wait time of about 95 minutes. Are you guys out of your mind…
Instead of showing it’s busy you should advertise that you are having servers issues!!!. There are no new game or expansion that would add load on servers at the moment so that message is FALSE!

We’re seeing the same issues on our end. There’s some issues that we’re aware of at the moment. I’m seeing if we can get someone to look into this further and will try to update this thread when we have more information. Thanks for reporting this over to us!

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Having the same issue

As a good news… after 5 minutes, it dropped to about 10 minutes… so from 95 to 10…

It looks like we’re seeing some recovery now. We’re still monitoring though. If you’re still experiencing issues, please let us know!

[Edited] If you are experiencing any issues, please create a new thread. This issue should be resolved now, closing this thread.

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