Itemization in D2

One of the things that makes D2 such a fantastic game is the diversity in item properties. No one item has everything you need, allowing for great customization when it comes to gearing your character.

Something struck me today, though. When I picked up a verdungo’s and compared it to my SoE I realized that having options is something that I really care about. Just something for the devs to keep in mind if they are indeed working on D2 behind the scenes.

I also want to give a shout out to AtomicPunk and OShogun for having the best conversation that I’ve read on this forum in a while.

Something else I wanted to give to the community is this link:

I’ve been trying to figure out how to find all blue posts since the blizz tracker is very hit-or-miss with who is included in that group, and the admin and moderators groups also don’t contain every blizz poster. As far as I can tell, trust_level_4 is only given to blizz employees, and seems to include everyone. If you’re savvy enough, you can figure out how to apply this to other games’ forums.

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This may be the most important conversation we can have in this forum. Diablo 2 isn’t being represented well in the D3 forum pertaining to D4, but here were could all share our opinions, including the Discord communities, D2Net single players, AB, and, yes, even the jsp crowd. We may disagree with each other but we can share what we love about the game. We can respect each other, keep the dialog and opinions flowing and maybe the D4 devs will start listening to us.

I agree. We all share a common thread in this game and a lot of us have quite a history with it.

Diablo is obviously still an active franchise, and to completely dismiss the opinions of the old school player base is a slap in the face to not only us, but also the original developers.

I still have high hopes in a D2 remaster, even though some people think that it won’t happen. I still believe.

That said, I thought of another addition that I’d like to see. Some items have extra durability that’s not represented in the item’s property list. I was thinking maybe we could get an “Altered Durability” property, even if that’s all it says. I think it would give the item a D1 feel.

Since my last comment I’ve been combing through all the information I can find on where D4 is at right now, especially pertaining to the barbarian, and I have to say I’m getting nervous. I might make a brief post about the barbarian skills and talents in the next few weeks.

I was listing to a BlizzCon interview with David Kim (Lead System Designer) and he said that durability will likely not be a part of the game. Him and the interviewer think it’s just a gold sink. Both claimed to play D2 but when they spoke about the game they both sounded newbish. The interviewer basically said that it was only important with ethereal and in the beginning of the game. Which lead me to believe he’s never had to make repairs on an elite rune word armour. I don’t think we are going to get a lot of depth of gear nor in their affixes. I’ll explain why I believe that on a later date.

I’d like to see ethereal added to D4, but make it so ethereal items are the only indestructible items while also having higher damage and defence. Of course, make it so any armour class and weapon class and magic type can be ethereal, excluding bows, but give them the worst possible drop rate.

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