Item Restore Corruption

Since there is already a feature for item restore when it pertains to disenchanting, deletion, or vendor… I would hope you add the same to corrupted items being de-corrupted.

Because the numbers are still being played with for corruptions for increasing/decreasing the power potency of said corruptions, some of us made the decision that some items were not worth the bag space, wanting to use said item now, having multiples of the same corruption, or any other reason that someone has accidentally cleansed an item for.

But after hotfixes/changes for the past few weeks, some of those items now perform better than anticipated especially after the numbers have changed 3-6 weeks into the patch.

I mention this solely on the basis that it feels bad that you can actively delete, disenchant or vendor an item, but cannot do the same for an item that had its corruption affix removed. It seems to me to be the same exact concept. Have the same rules apply, whatever time limit/cooldown on using it consecutively etc…

But please consider this change to help those of us who were too eager in the beginning, not knowing that their numbers would be adjusted in such a short amount of time. I assumed that the power levels would be properly tested and would not be adjusted as drastically as they were.

Corrupted Player Hoping to Make a Positive Change