Item not found 404


I am gathering all AuctionHouse data and looking up the items in the Item API. However the following Item I have found on the Auction House, but is NOT availble in the Item API. I get a 404 not found.

Its about the follwing item: 154.

How can it be on the AH, but not on the Item API? Are there more items like that? I thought blizzard might be using their own api’s as well.



The items endpoint doesn’t include all items. Apparently items that are not currently obtainable are absent from the API regardless of references by the AH/Character Equipment endpoint.

Yes. All unobtainable items and perhaps some others.

The game itself has its own communication protocol, it would be a poor design for a big game like WoW to use RESTFul APIs. Other Blizzard resources such as the armory also seem to have privileged and more complete information than the public API.

I would suggest moving this topic or creating a new one over the API Bug Report category.