It may be that botters adapt

I wish I did not have to wine like this…
Yet, these are my little observations:

While reading a few posts and comments on some non-Blizz forums, it appears as if botters have already adapted their scripts. In fact, they have done so a long time ago. You all probably know this already.

Here is what I think that botters are up to:

  • Use of cellphone as a hotspot for 8 or more game creating bots (depends on on how many hotspots the botters have access to) to create 8 diff games which they simply wait in or quickly leave to get into queue for the creation of more games.
  • They may be staggering the game creations so that their main crunch teams can enter them right after they have finished their main game on their main ip address.

So, these queues may have an effect on the tiny and not very tech-savvy bot community. Yet, these do not have any effect on the seasoned botters. These queues have a huge effect on the legit community. But, the main core of botters are effortlessly adapting.

Just to be transparent, I am not affected by whatever way people play games so long as my family, my friends, and I can create private games to have fun in. And, I know that Blizzard’s mods and techies are doing what they can within the scope of an older legacy game.

But these queues and disabled ingame chatting are having a huge effect on nonbotters. I hope that there is a compromise. It is a fun game when it is playable. :coffee:


Classic b net just needs to be shutdown forever. force ppl to go to private servers and single player. It would be nice if there was a option to convert b net accs to single player id do it in a heartbeat and say bye bye b net


If the game could be kept totally legit, each ladder would be a much more balanced experience.


If you don’t mind me asking: private servers such as…?

There are services that track some available games. Try searching google for “PvPGN Tracker”. There’s also the D2GA server that’s available for the current patch with no modifications in the open bnet game list or by connecting via tcp/ip connection to: d2ga(d0t)net

rofl rofl u dumb bro and no thats not how its done[quote=“iWasntThere-1987, post:1, topic:11906”]
staggering the game creations

yes anyone who creates games on bnet will need to know in game time min - max and stay within hourly allowance [quote=“iWasntThere-1987, post:1, topic:11906”]
But these queues and disabled ingame chatting are having a huge effect on nonbotters . I hope that there is a compromise. It is a fun game when it is playable.

we do not have any word that in game chat is disabled intentionally

Actually, there is a nice diablo 2 realm which uses anti cheat system, there are around 1 thousand of active players at peak time. You should just search google.

I would love to explore different d2 realms, yet it is a huge risk to permit your computer and firewall to allow someone’s servers, servers which cannot be held accountable for if and when their owners decide to engage in malicious activities, access to your computer. As most people do online banking, shopping, and even check on their medical records, it is best to minimize any unnecessary connections to your computer from outside sources. Unless, you have a second computer that you use solely for d2 gaming, I suggest not to take that risk.

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The hypocrisy is that the server is illegal.

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Blizzard doesn’t seem to care that people cheat and bot on, so I doubt they care if you play on an unofficial server.

If I could, I’d host my own private vanilla server so my friends could join up and play there, since for the most part we only play the game with each other.

I had no idea, thanks for informing me! :man_facepalming:

Bottom line for me is the Golden Rule, I do my best to live by it. I don’t want people messing with my businesses, my home, my belongings, nor my family, so I do my best to return the same respect, even if I disagree with how people live or do business.

Hahaha, no problem. :wink:

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I would really stop posting your non sense… It’s just another pointless waste of words.

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