Issues to contact technical support (World of Warcraft)

Hello. My problem solved. Its just proposition to improve or fix page for creating ticket to tech support (World of Warcraft).
The page for contacting technical support at the moment is causing difficulties for your customers and needs to be improved and simplified. The fact is that a year ago there was another page for contacting technical support and everything was simple there and there were no problems. Yesterday, when I discovered that I had accidentally deleted the quest item, wanting to restore the item, I went to the technical support page and I was offered to restore the item by myself by choosing a character and item. Not finding the item in the list, I decided to open a request for its restoration, but the page for contacting technical support did not give such an opportunity to continue further and complete the request, I was asked to complete step 4 in which there were questions that absolutely did not correspond to my problem and to send a request through one of these questions, I had to fill out forms in which there were required fields with questions to which I did not know the answer. I didn’t have much time and had to close the technical support page without getting any help. The next day, I spent 20 minutes to send a request ticket for technical support through the payment issues form. It seems to me that the current situation with the contacting technical support page may damage the company’s reputation. I do not need it personally for myself. I myself understand computers and when I needed help from tech support I could not create ticket , although a year ago it was easy on the old contact technical support page. This game is played by many people who are using computer just to play games and working with internet browser, and if they cannot contact technical support for problems they have, they may be disappointed in the game and stop playing and after that they will tell everywhere that there is no technical support in the game. Thank you.