Issue with Ukrainian payment

I have already familiarized myself with the concept of “Double conversion” (Double conversion occurs when currency is exchanged twice during the same transaction. This can happen when transfers are made between accounts that use different currencies. Or even when accounts use the same currency, but are in countries that use different local currencies.). Thanks to my bank for letting me know what it is.
I want answers to a couple of questions.
Tell me, why is the price for a monthly subscription of a WoW account 299 UAH on the site, but BLIZZARD is trying to charge 321.93 UAH from my bank card?
Are the final prices on the website inclusive of VAT and other things? If so, why is 299 UAH not debited from my card? You say on the site that you can save with a subscription (1,3,6 months, etc.), the more you buy, the more savings, but as a result, I overpay even for 1 month of subscription 22.93 UAH, in which the fixed price is 299 UAH on the off site. Why, then, in this case, the site does not indicate the price of 321.93? And every day the price, as I understand it, changes from the exchange rate. What card do you need to pay with? Dollar? Euro? But the amount on the site is indicated in hryvnia!
Trying through Pay-Pal is not possible, because. It just doesn’t add to my account. The support service commented on this: “At the moment, the PayPal payment method is not available for those countries for which new currencies have been introduced.”
What should I do? I want to pay 299 for a subscription as indicated on the site in hryvnia and not overpay! I’m just an ordinary user who went to the site, saw the cost of a subscription, created a payment through a card and started paying without hesitation, but when the bank blocks and indicates an amount greater than the one on the site, there is a feeling of injustice.
I can drop the screenshot from my bank where necessary, so that everything immediately becomes clear.
Thanks for understanding.


Blizzard, thank you for adding hryvnias (UAH) to your store.
But why do I have to pay more than what is written on the price tag?
Price in the store in UAH. And I pay in UAH.
Where did the double conversion come from???


were u logged in when u bought it? some games like COD Vanguard costs 241lari if I’m logged in and 145 if I’m logged out. New currency prices are unfair and random, don’t know were their getting this numbers from.


Have the same issue. I can’t add Paypal and must pay for double conversion(no, I’m sorry, but I won’t do it.)


same problem dude, i still pay NOTHING.
becose its scam


Good afternoon everyone.

I can say that - this is a big fundamental (and not only) problem, an attempt to write off a larger amount from the card than indicated in the Blizzard store. It’s not even about the price increase. The price must correspond to that indicated in the store and without any “double conversions”, which actually exist and this is a fact. I think many will stop buying a subscription precisely because of the double conversion, since the money just goes into the unknown. The amount (which, by the way, changes) given for the “double conversion” at the moment is 22.93 UAH. And this is almost 1/10 of the amount, and this is almost 1 USD!

It’s a pity that Blizzard Support doesn’t know about the “double conversion” and claims me and (possibly) other players who (possibly) contacted support about our problems with the bank (Fees, hidden fees, currency exchange, etc.) Personally, I am very familiar with the bank and I know that there is no double conversion, no commission, and other hidden fees (especially if 4 different banks inform me about withdrawing the amount more than indicated.)

I hope this issue will be heard and will be resolved soon! Thank you for your attention!


The same issue is here still.
I was charged by blizzard for 336.08 instead of 299.00.
Why on Earth they ask us to behave fair while they do not follow that requirement themselves?


с меня сегодня списало 355гривен в место 299, введите оплату в долларах что бы уйти от одной конвертации


Issue is still there. Price is 372 UAH and my card is UAH. But greedy Blizzard want 415 UAH at the payment moment. No money for you till you fix it!


Agree with everything mentioned previously.

There is a huge difference in the displayed price in the store, and the money that is debited from the card. In small monthly subscriptions, 30 UAH can be an inconspicuous amount, but for large purchases (from 2k UAH), the difference reaches at least 400 UAH.

Blizzard, please look into the issue.


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