Issue ID#96633647 Remove my Authenticator "Need info"

Hi, I’m a returning player trying to access my 14 year old account(Created in 2010) and Last played/Last Subscription April 2018.

So as the title says I requested Blizzard support to remove my Authenticator as I don’t have my old mobile anymore. So this morning I got reply from Blizzard support requesting me for more information, but to my surprise you can’t reply back to the email but as I scroll to the bottom I found a hyperlink “Click Me” at the bottom which read “to review your ticket and respond with the requested information” in that email blizzard support sent. I click on the hyperlink and then it directs me to a page where it asks me to check my authenticator for a request “afhf”

Does this make any sense whatsoever? How does one retrieve their account? Really? Tell me? How moronic can a developer can be to create such an app that is designed to frustrate you, block you every step of the way.