Issue ID#96633647 Remove my Authenticator "Need info"

Hi, I’m a returning player trying to access my 14 year old account(Created in 2010) and Last played/Last Subscription April 2018.

So as the title says I requested Blizzard support to remove my Authenticator as I don’t have my old mobile anymore. So this morning I got reply from Blizzard support requesting me for more information, but to my surprise you can’t reply back to the email but as I scroll to the bottom I found a hyperlink “Click Me” at the bottom which read “to review your ticket and respond with the requested information” in that email blizzard support sent. I click on the hyperlink and then it directs me to a page where it asks me to check my authenticator for a request “afhf”

Does this make any sense whatsoever? How does one retrieve their account? Really? Tell me? How moronic can a developer can be to create such an app that is designed to frustrate you, block you every step of the way.

Same problem, no sense and no way to get around it.

I have been trying for ages now to get my old Diablo 3 account back and no luck.

The DO NOT REPLY email really is a do not reply email. To continue your intereaction with Support you need to either re-open an actual ticket, or create a new one. If you have to create a new one start by referencing the first ticket number then put in your info. That lets the GMs follow the support interaction trail.

Otherwise, you are starting over each time which is certainly not what you want.

This is a scam people. Nobody but Blizzard can help you regain account access. Never ever go to a website claiming it can.

Never ever give your account details or info to anyone except Blizzard. Blizzard will never ask you for your password either.

I have done that 3 times.

New ticket reference to the old and explained over and over.

I have my restore codes from the old authenticator just offer a way to do so with the new one !!!

Well finnaly a very reasonable and polite gentlemen from customer supports resolved the issue.

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I am very glad to hear that battlefail! I hope the rest of your gaming adventures go smoother.