Is Trapsin a good Nithalak runner?


Lately I have been focusing more on running Nithalak in my own game. The reason for that is because aside from dropping Dkey, he can is the only “Boss” monster that can drop every item in the game aside from Baal.

However, running Baal is a lot more time consuming. Whereas running Nithalak is very quick if you know how to go from Halls of Pains WP down to Halls of Vault and then find the right direction where he is located (easily done by looking at the eye symbol on the wall).

I have been running Nithalak with my SORCs and on average it takes me about 5 - 7 minutes if without Nature’s Peace but having Nature’s Peace reduce this down to less than 3 - 4 minutes depending on if Nithalak is surrounded by additional monster other than the Iced Spawn or not.

However, sometimes I still found the snakes and Hell Temptress to be an annoyance. While I can kill them easily, but having to teleport around to escape poison attack / Hell Temptress Blood Star attack means slowing down and taking additional time.

It makes me think if I can work with a trapsin with the following method:

  1. WP to Halls of Pains, use Burst of Speed, and then Cloak of Shadows to blind monsters, and proceed to run past everything (re-cast Cloak of Shadows as necessary to blind monsters in newer areas) until I reach Halls of Vault entry. If I run into a champion / unique, then cast Shadow Warrior / Master to distract them while I slip away.

  2. Upon entering Halls of Vault, cast Cloak of Shadow and then run towards the final area where Nithalak is.

  3. Just before reaching Nithalak’s final area, cast Cloak of Shadow to blind all the monsters other than Nithalak himself and proceed to spam traps. Nithalak doesn’t spawn together with champions and other Unique in the same area, so it should be safe to just Cloak of Shadows and spam traps.

But a few questions I need some clarification:

a) Is Infinity mandatory for this kind of run? The snakes and another monster (can’t remember the name) are lightening immune, so if traps shoot at them, then they would do no damage and waste time. But the counter argument is since they are blinded by Cloak of Shadows, then I shouldn’t worry about them and just spam traps next to Nithalak and watch the fireworks instead.

b) Is it necessary to use Enigma in this instance? Again, counter argument is there is not much ground to cover so having Burst of Speed + Cloak of Shadow can just let you reach your destination in those 2 dungeons as fast as spamming teleport with Enigma.

c) If the assassin should wear Nature’s Peace? This is the part I am not sure. If wearing it, then it means traps can’t CE the monster bodies and I think being able to CE monster bodies that are next to Nithalak can help killing Nithalak faster, but if you don’t, chances are Nithalak will CE the monster bodies before traps get to CE them, which could potentially result in you getting killed accidentally.


Trap sins crush Nihl and don’t need elite rune words to do it. If you want to know what Cloak of Shadows does in that specific situation, put Nadir rune word on your Sorc or Barb, cast the spell, then put your regular helm back on.

Baal and Nihl may be the only bosses that drop everything, but all lvl 85+ regular, champion, minions and their unique monsters drop everything.

And no running speed covers a distance faster than teleport, nor has it ever been an argument.

There is also an act 2 merc weapon helm combo that literally prevents Nilh from teleporting, cursing and using CE. The same combo also prevents Baal from teleporting and casting his clone. All you need to do is teleport onto them so your merc hits them once then they can’t do anything.


Get A Hammerdin
Nih Should Take 30-45 Secs



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Not sure how you managed a whole paragraph for a yes or no question.