Is this a bug or just the worst PvP matchmaking of all times

The support team told me to write here about this, so here I am.

Iv been playing since the release and the game is ALWAYS adding me to BGs with people that has 2, 3 or even 4 thousand more resonance than me.

Even finshing every game with scores like 0-10 or 1-12 nothing changed, I play always with and against the same people. And this is NOT FUN.

I cant play with my friends that have around the same low resonance because you never mix us. I understand that you need to add low players against whales so they feel stroner and they spend more, but come on, mix us at least. THIS IS SUPER BORING 1,000 resonance vs 5,000, what kind of joke is this? Too many months with this buggy thing, it has to be a bug, I cant imagine a matchmaking system being so bad.

Sometimes I have to wait up to 10 minutes to find a game because there is not enough people in this high whale group, while my friends (some of them even with more resanance than me) can join a game almost instantly.

I know this will be ignored and if has not been fixed in so many month it will be never fixed but meh.