Is there something about support I'm not getting?

First, I’m not sure if this is the right location or not, I’m sorry if it’s in the wrong place, please let me know if there is a better place for this.

So here are my questions:
Why is interacting with support so difficult?

Reasonable requests for account action, reasonable requests for information, anything. It’s all been turned down.

It took 2 months, and 4 tickets to get a vauge answer, as to why my account was banned on the forums. The first 3 times they just told me that I broke “a rule”, didn’t say which, and then closed the ticket. I literally had to beg for any kind answer. Going so far as to create a few possible multiple-choice scenarios, so they would just need to press a single button to answer. Unfortunately they decided to provide a more cryptic answer, instead. Don’t get me wrong, it was an answer, so that’s… nice, but it’s hard to know if I’m going to break that rule again or not, because I’m not 100% on what the specific offense was.

Am I missing something? I don’t get it. Why would they be so stingy with information about rules? Wouldn’t they want us to know the rules, so we know what not to do?

Are really short on representatives, so they can’t look at each and every ticket for long enough?

Is there some kind of special policy they have to follow, to turn down requests automatically the first time, so they don’t have to deal with issues that aren’t important? Is it a man-power conservation thing?

I really have never interacted with support of any kind that was/is so cryptic and difficult to get a straight answer out of, so I don’t have a reference point for them.

They still reply, so that’s at the very least still something, but it’s (almost) always a canned response, and only tangentially related. They aren’t saving themselves any work, they’re still replying, so they’re not just being lazy, but… they just don’t say anything.

Why reply at all if you don’t have anything to say? Do they have to reply or their pay gets docked, so they just reply with whatever? something along those lines?

… I am so confused!! I can’t form a coherent theory as to their motivations. Every time I think to myself “given x,y, and z, ‘a’ should be an easy ‘yes’!” Then I end up being surprised that I get turned down again.

I feel like I’m trying to negotiate with aliens, who have a text-book knowledge of human interactions , but still doesnt fully understand the concepts behind them. I’m not trying to insult anyone, but it so… consistently weird and unnatural.

Again, if this isn’t the right spot, I apologize, and ask: where a better place may be? Or… in the event that there is no proper place, is there a support whisperer that can speak their language, or something?

Wait. Are the representatives so hard to “get” because they’re AI? Is that why? That would explain things, and I have to admit it would be kind of cool, but if so they could use more iterations focused on natural speech recognition.

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When you get a penalty on your Forum account you are sent an email to your Bnet email address with at least one of the posts they took action on. If your account has a history of infractions, then it can eventually get perma banned.

The list is here

It is very difficult to get perma banned unless you are using hate speech, slurs, violent threats, etc.

No, they are not AI.

Why does it take so long, and take so much effort for… well, every interaction?

If they’re not AI, is there some trick to have a human conversation with them?

I usually just get a simple reply saying that something happened, then a link to a page with everything, regarding that topic on it.

How are you supposed to know which of the different rules listed on the page, you broke, when you thought you followed them all completely? You mentioned that they email people, do they spell out the specific offenses there?

Even if they do, why would they be so cagey about answering my question? I’ll fully admit I didn’t think about checking emails, but I can’t be the only one. That’s got to be something they run into daily, why try so hard to not answer meaningfully*?

EDIT: they do answer, but usually not with much

Yes. You usually get at least one of the posts quoted that they found to be in violation. Sometimes the emails can end up in a spam folder depending on your provider.

I don’t work there so I can only suspect they answer based on policy and training. There are notes on the account but they don’t usually go into detail in appeals tickets.

What game was it? If it is WoW then there is a Customer Support forum that serves as an Information Desk. Sometimes asking nicely can get an idea of why you were banned. It takes a level 10 to post, but can be done on a free starter license.

Your first place to check though should be your BNet account email. Just go back to the time of the ban and look for stuff from Blizzard.

The game is Overwatch.

For now I think the best advice is to check your email and use the search functions in it. The email would have been sent to your bnet account email. If you have auto delete for spam and it ate it after 30 days though, it might be gone.

You can ask it to be re-sent though, I think.

I checked. It just “your account has been suspended.” Then generic stuff about how some behavior in games isn’t ideal, “as with any job there are protocols” ect. ect. then some more canned response stuff.

There’s no meat to it, it’s all gristle. Take away the stuff they add to every message, and it’s just “something happened.”

That is strange. When I got suspended (it was a Mod accident!) I got an email with the post that got me into “trouble”.

I am not sure what else can be said here. I don’t have access to your account as MVPs are other players.

You already appealed and asked which is the only other thing I can think of to do. You can do that until they tell you to stop asking. You have the Code of Conduct. Profanity, slurs, threats/death wishes, spamming, insults, trolling, etc would be the usual culprits.

The only thing I’ve ever ask blizzard for are legal, reasonable given the circumstances, (and honestly) fair.