Is there any update for Mac soon?

Good afternoon,

there is no 64bit Version of D2 LOD in sight. It’s a shame since it is a real classic from Blizzard. Is there any news expected? I just want to play occasional games again. Such as acquaintances of mine.


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I highly suggest exploring Wine or a Wine equivalent for running Diablo 2 on a Mac. There are tutorials on YouTube on how to run Windows apps in Wine and on a Mac.

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Thank you mate. I will try WINE soon and give reply when done.


why would you play on a mac dont you have enough common sense to use windows or linux?

lol use broken tools lololololol have at it

Oh look dunning Kruger’s new account

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what is a kruger? your english is worse then mine

Must be one of ZZZZZZZZZZ’s new accounts. He’s here to blast us with more Morse code gibberish. :roll_eyes:

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