Is there an issue with right now?

Can’t connect for the past hour or so to any of the realms.

I’m online on USEast right now, and don’t have any characters/accounts on any other servers, so couldn’t tell you about them.

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Gotcha, good to know that it might be isolated to just me. Thanks for replying!

I just got kicked out of West while trying to trade some runes and gems from a mule to a character with a cube. Lost all of them. The Blizzard network lately has been horrid. So much lost just now … totally pissed off.

ying and yang… dont worry for every loss of items on game crash… many items were duped … so your loss is some botters gain. to dupe they need to crash the game so it does not update the fact they gave it to another char who left the game before the crash… so they get saved with items… and since the game crashed the one who stayed never got saved that they gave the items away. so small price to pay… your items on ground… so everyone can have nigmas infinitys faiths etc… thank you for your support.

also a lot of the lag might be people trying to get on the IP for the servers selling sojs… since you cannot choose what ip to connect to… you have to rejoin rejoin rejoin… till by chance you get on the 1/400 server that is selling sojs. blizz should just ban the bots and botters… and anyone with an impossible number of hr or sojs… and ptu the ladders back to 1 year so non botters can play too.