Is there a way to swap between game languages easier?

Hello! So that’s the long time problem for me, since I’m fluent in two languages and want to play on both English and Russian (EU) locales of WoW. I’d prefer to swap between them on daily basis, actually.

The requirement to close the game and run it again to switch languages is fine. But each time going through battlenet options -> game settings -> scroll scroll -> poke at select box -> more scrolling -> another select box for speech -> done is really demotivating.

I thought to make a .bat file that’d just swap two versions of by renaming them - at least that works to swap between addon setups for WoW. But it doesn’t seem to work for languages, as no matter what locale is written in, clicking on launch button in bnet somehow would still run whatever language is selected in bnet app.

Is there a way around? Or, perhaps, any plans to add lanugage selection next to account selection? Like, instead of account selection looking like this:
AccName (EU) - Shadowlands
To make it look like this:
AccName (EU-en) - Shadowlands
AccName (EU-ru) - Shadowlands
…if more than 1 language pack installed and/or there are existing toons on more than one realm language?
That would make it so much easier for those few who don’t like to stick with one lanuage or feels like learning new language by playing the game (which is pretty much the way I learned English, by the way).

Edit: after poking around wow directory for a bit, I found out that replacing .product.db with its own backup from when another language was selected sometimes successfully switches languages. But often it still goes with whatever was last selected in settings, so that seem to be stored somewhere else as well.