Is the queue countdown gettin' slower & slower?

I thought that things would get better. Yet, these last three to five days have had 2.8k to 3.4k queue wait lines. What makes this higher queue value a challenge is how much slower the count down is. I am not totally upset as there are so many places to level and to magic find in. But, those wait lines for a new game are odd. Hopefully, there will be a positive change over the next few days or weeks.

(˵ ͠ಠ‿ ͠ಠ˵)

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I’ve logged the queue several times while running a stopwatch, the average queue divisor of 7.4 was found to estimate the wait time in seconds.

I just ran another log:
Queue: 3776
Estimated wait with 7.4 divisor: 8 minutes 30 seconds.
Actual wait: 9 minutes 10 seconds. Divisor=6.865

So yeah it has slowed a bit.

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pathetic… is there a place we can complain that actually hurt their image ? only way those fu$%# will do something… … …