Is the Blizz App under maintenance?


Are there issues with the Blizz App? It keep disconnecting every few minutes, and since I was playing HS, keeps closing my game getting the error “You have been disconnected from the server” and the only option is to close the game and I find out the Blizz App tries to reconnect again. That happened 3 times in a row, my ranked is destroyed and I am wondering if you guys are aware, or work on something, that makes the app to be unstable at the moment.
I would appreciate if you guys could give us a short update on this.



Hey Geronymo,

I just finished up a several hour play session with the launcher open in the background. I didn’t have any issues.

The launcher doesn’t have the ability to close the individual games (it only launches them). So if both the launcher and the game are disconnecting, that has to be connectivity problem between you and the Bliz data centers.

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I have same problems and some of my raid we got disconnected every 1 or 2 min.

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Due to numerous disconnections from the Blizzard servers - I dropped significantly in the rankings - it threw me out with each new game!

Thanks a bunch mate! I appreciate it! In the meanwhile I got the notification on the Blizz App that you guys are aware of the issue. So will chill from playing HS, I don’t wanna lose more :smiley: Be safe out there and lets Kick some Butcher bottom starting Friday! Can’t wait <3

This is aggravating. Bad enough xfinity has screwed up my 10G upgrade. But Blizzard! Help us out here!

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