Is the API lying about realm status?

I need some clarification into how exactly the WoW API works, regarding certain information.

The Realm Status page at lists realms (e.g. Dalaran) as being currently ONLINE.

The API endpoint at /data/wow/connected-realm/3683 reports Dalaran as being currently ONLINE.

But if I try to log in to the game, I get BLZ51934200 “No servers are currently available”.

So my question is: what gives?

My understanding is that the API detects a server being up - but not if you have access to it.

Sometimes the servers will be detected as up during Maint because they are technically up while being worked on…you just can’t get to them as a player. Same thing happens when the Authentication servers are down. The server itself is up, but you can’t get to it.

To extend a bit the previous answer: As far as I can tell the API will say ONLINE if the server is expected to be online. If they were shutdown for maintenance (programmed or not) it will say OFFLINE.

The tricky part is: if a server node is unreachable (your internet provider can’t reach it, a internet backbone is down, etc) the API still has access to the server but you don’t. Since the API and websites are on different locations and servers you might be able to reach other Blizzard servers but not the game server and you’ll get such messages.

That is not the case for the Server status, at least historically. Blues have explained it as the servers being technically up even though maint is going on. The access is shut down though but the API does not show that.

This is a 17 year old issue as far as I know. It happens almost every Maint where people complain on the forums that the status says up, but they can’t log in.

I get it.

So, basically, yeah they are lying.

Honestly I recall that issue being discussed in the past; but I didn’t really care about it that much until last Tuesday when my bot kept saying the servers were up but people in my guild discord kept yelling at me saying no they weren’t…

Which is kind of crappy isn’t it. I mean, what exactly is the intention of the Realm Status page (or the API endpoint for that matter) then? Apart from people involved in the maintenance, who cares if the servers are “up”? Players want to know if they can log in and play.

Ironically, if they want more information about the maintenance process, too bad because Blizzard doesn’t really say anything about that except for some generic responses.

Thanks anyway for the replies.