Is my computer temp banned?


I got “realm’d” for switching games to fast, trying to organize my mules. I figured my ip must have been baned too, because I can’t even try to log in. Every time I click on Battlenet it says checking versions for a spit second, then is pops up with the message, “you have been disconnected from Battlenet. Please reconnect”. I thought it was my ip, so I went to my sister’s house and tried to connect and it is doing the same thing. It can’t be my account because it doesn’t even let me get far enough to type my info in. Anyone have any ideas!?



I got same trouble then you, question is do you can in on battlenet ? Cuz it was 10 days ago, please lmk.

Thanks on advansed


I am having the same issue. Anyone know a fix?


Same here :frowning: . But even without making games too fast. Just got it this Monday when trying to log in for the first time that evening.