Is DOXXing a bannable offence?

There has been an extremely toxic player in my WoW classic server who repetitively slanders my Guild Leader, calling him a neo-naxi (x cause the real word isnt allowed on this site) etc. He even went as far as to post my GMs and his wives IRL names, and link to their facebook acct in general chat. Most of the people in my raid reported this player for DOXXing, yet this player is still active on the server. I waited about a month to post this because I have heard it takes a while for action sometimes, but nothing seems to have happened. So my question is, is DOXXing and slander allowed in the terms of service, or has Blizz decided to not take action for some other reason?

Yes, that is something a player can be punished for. Blizzard won’t tell you what happens to the other account though. It could be a Silence, game Suspension, or Ban but that is up to Blizzard.

How did they report the player? There is no in-game means of reporting that.

There are two potential issues here.

  1. Ongoing Harassment. This occurs when a person has been put on Ignore but still uses other accounts or means to get around the Ignore and message the victim. The victim needs to make SURE to have the offender on Ignore on all their characters and to report to Blizzard using the Ongoing Harassment report option on the Support Website
    The victim needs to click the Contact Us button on that page to fill out a ticket for that category.

  2. If a person is sharing Real Life information that puts a person at risk then there is a category on the Support site to report that as a Real Life Threat. This category should not be used lightly. It is the proper category to use though if someone is giving out your real life information.

If you have further questions about WoW Support and Policies I would suggest posting on the WoW Customer Support Forum. That serves as an information desk to explain policies and how to navigate the Support and ticket system.