Is Blizzard customer service really human?

My other account in order to play D4 The email address was accidentally changed by me, because of the change of the email I can’t log in, I can only use this number to appeal, as a result, Blizzard’s customer service changed my email address for this number, I can’t evaluate Blizzard customer service, they don’t read the detailed text written by our players at all


Your post doesn’t make any sense… and you appear to be totally confused.

First you say that you accidentally changed your e-mail and that, because of that change, you can’t log in. Why not ? Can’t you use the new e-mail address to log in ?

Then you say that Blizzard Customer Support changed your e-mail ??

And what’s this with an appeal ??? Has your D4 account been banned ?

In any case… we’re not going to be able to help you with an account issue on these forums; you will need to contact Blizzard Customer Support and ask them to help you. Use this link and click on the Contact Us button to start the process.