Is anyone minding the gd store?

I’ve had a Key FOB that I loved for over 10 years. The battery failed and you can’t replace it. Brilliant design! FFS!

Now, I’m forced to use this broken GD authenticator that doesn’t work on a Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G. I’ve been locked out of my account twice trying to use it. It’s been broken since 2019, and no one bothers to resolve it. I ask support for help and the only option is to keep adding the broken authenticator and not having it work, or have nothing at all! On my 4th contact of support, and after continuing to be told how to add the broken authenticator, I finally received an option to post here if I didn’t like it. Not only do I not like it, but it doesn’t work, like most everything else Activision/Microsoft has done since their acquisitions.

I am not going to leave my account open without protection. If this isn’t resolved before year end I’m going to be ending a 25 year relationship with Blizzard and their piss-poor performance and support. BTW, Diablo 4 and your other releases are a GD calamity, too! WTF is going on there? Are we/you done? After losing 20 million subscribers in the past several years, you would think someone would notice and maybe do something? No, I’m not f’ing happy with the continued dysfunction and ineptitude!