IP/Key temp ban - Diablo 2 LoD


I was playing Diablo and sundenly I got disconnected and can’t connect anymore. When I try just appear this message “You were disconnected from the battle.net. Please reconnect.” I already changed my IP and tried to connect in other wi-fi and still have the same issue. If it’s a ban could I at least know how long it take ? I’m waiting for more the 4 hours since I got this and still can’t log
PS.: If I buy a new LoD key I can play ? I just have 1 more day off from work and was waiting for playing this.


No don’t buy a new CDkey

Chances are you are in the same position alot of people are in… there is major server issues happening right now and alot of people cant get on

If you haven’t already though, make a support ticket asking for your account status and check if you have been restricted or not then go from there…

Good luck

There’s a set of prohibited behaviors that result in a temporary play restriction. Those can be found here. Two common ones are playing on a business class IP and using a VPN. If you did either of those, the restriction is 14 days from the time of the last connection attempt.

But as Fred 2132 mentioned you can submit a support ticket to find if that is what happened. You can use this support ticket to inquire.

There are several required fields in order to submit: (assuming Windows) Traceroute upload, DXDIAG upload, MSINFO upload and a Description.

The three file uploads aren’t needed for this kind of inquiry. So, you can

  1. manually create three text files,
  2. name them with their respective names,
  3. put something inside them (anything will do, they just can’t be blank inside),
  4. upload

Then type your question in the “Description” field and submit it. Make sure you reach the confirmation screen.

If it was business IP or VPN use, the restriction is at the IP level so a new key won’t help.