iPad Air 2 cant login in hearthstone app


I have an iPad Air 2 (and a 6th gen iPad with same issue) where I can’t get to the login page in hearthstone app.

I’ve uninstalled the app, restarted the iPad and then reinstalled the app (as suggested by support), but that doesn’t work.

When newly installed, if I choose “sign in” it never gets any further. If I choose “I’m new” I can play the tutorial, but when I finish the last game in tutorial it gets stuck.

I made a recording of the last past of the tutorial where it’s seen that it get stuck, however I can’t find anywhere to upload the recording here.

I hope you can help since support was not able to fix and now I have two iPads that I can’t use for hearthstone.

I found the cause for this problem. If you DNS block commercials using PiHole you prevent the hearthstone app in loading the sign in page.

Maybe you should remove commercials on your login page, so you don’t loose customers due to this annoying block