Invisible box won't let me target or move

I am playing wow on a Mac mini, after pre-patch as I play any toon on any server there appears to be a “box” where I cannot target or grab the screen to move it. On the top right corner before the mini map.

Hi! This also happened to me. After disabeling all addons and turn them back on one by one I figured that it was atlasloot addon in my case. Hope this helps

Thanks. I only had one addon and I deleted it but the box it’s still there.

I had this problem too it wasn’t Atlas but a different addon - make sure to disable all addons until you find which one is causing problem.

One other thing I found causes this is Discord. Something to do with overlay. Try that see if it fixes problem.

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I did a search for overlay on the Mac and deleted all :sweat_smile: and it’s working now. Thank you :slight_smile: