Install D2 problems

I have purchased Diablo II and can’t get it to install com keeps saying it may harm com

When that page pops up, you can select more info and then allow the download to proceed. I just ran into that same problem yesterday. I’m also dealing with an apparent ban so I can’t play Diablo II online until that gets cleared up.

Did you figure out your situation with being banned? My friend just bought a fresh D2+LOD off of battlenet and cannot connect. It just immediately says “Cannot connect to battlenet”

Me also when i run diablo 2 installer it says windows stoped the application because it could be dangereous…

This game is dead , not worth installing it at all

How do I install the forums cause that’s the real game

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you just click more information and click execute anyway

The downloader didn’t work so i ran it on a virtualbox windows 7 and copied the result installer on my pc then installed without problem !

same here… bought it 4days ago and havnt even been able to play, blizzards response was wait 48hrs and closed my ticket lmao… still cant play…