Incorrect instructions in ticket system - EDITED

I’m not sure if what’s on these pages is old information that pertained to the old Account Management site, but there are instructions on some of the ticket pages that don’t match up with anything.

In this example, I was in the War3R>Account>“Contact Support”>“I would rather categorize this issue”>Account>Game Key Problem.

The page displays these instructions:
The link works, however, the 2nd and 3rd lines don’t line up with anything on the Account Management page.

The same instructions are repeated after clicking “Contact us”:

I haven’t looked in any other of the games’ support trees, but the same erroneous instructions might be in those places as well.

EDIT: Also, now with War3R, those instructions aren’t actually needed anymore. The Reforged client now automatically checks with Battlenet for the license keys. Instead, instructions on how to link physical game keys would be better (for those who don’t own Reforged).