Incorrect age selection on Blizzard store

I entered my age incorrectly on the blizzard store and would like to enter my actual age. Support ticket created. #72915932


Hey there!

If you accidentally entered the wrong age and need to change it, you can prompt a new Birthday check with these steps:

  1. Quit the Blizzard App
  2. Press Windows Key + R
  3. Type %LocalAppData% and press enter
  4. Open the folder > BrowserCache
  5. Delete the file Cookies
  6. Restart the Blizzard App and try again (it will ask for the birth date now)

I hope this helps!


I dont have a BrowserCache In my Battle.Net folder

This didnt help as when I opened blizzard again cookies reopened in my files. is there any other way to fix this?


hi! the file keeps reopening when I launch is there any other way to do this

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Someone please add and dm me, when you find a fix. Thanks.

You just need to delete the logs and stuff to. Just delete all the stuff that was saved in the browserchace folders the day you typed in your age.

How about the default birthdate starts at ~3+ months old? Perhaps a focus group is required to determine when an infant is able to click? Oh wait, if blizz didn’t push back on legislation then never mind. k thx bai. edit: deletion of %AppData\Local\\BrowserCache\Cookies doesn’t work. Your code is exemplary.

If I go here:

and then here:

I don’t get mindlessly queried for age and am able to access the page.