Incompetent ticket support

This probably goes unheard, but I used the ticket support asking the question if I was able to upgrade my friend’s Diablo 4 (Standard Copy) to either a Deluxe or Ultimate Edition via gifting. I asked twiced to confirm that it was possible and I was told yes, I would be paying for the upgrade.

So I went on to make the purchase and had to pay full price for the UE edition. I contacted the ticket support, (do note that my friend already claimed the gift) and they said, my friend would have to do a refund from her end. So I asked 2 questions

  1. If my friend refunded the gift of the UE edition, will my friend still retain his standard copy of the game?

  2. Could my friend refund the standard copy instead and keep the UE edition of the game? Since it had been CLAIMED.

I reached the limit of reply to the ticket and still have not gotten a concrete answer from your ticketing team, why is like chatting with an AI.

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