Incoming messages doubling

Messages being sent by friends are doubling, and the chat window is not scrolling down automatically. This only happens in pop-out mode, I switched to test embedded and the issue was not occurring there.

Issue was still present in pop-out after switching to beta, then fully uninstalling and reinstalling the regular client. Also restarted computer and modem.

When the window is closed, and then re-opened, the doubled “ghost” messages disappear, but any new messages sent afterwards continues doubling again.

It happens whether friend is in-game or not. I asked about 6 people, only one is having the same issue (different location, different ISP). Customer service team on twitter could not replicate the problem.


same thing for me, started with todays beta build. had a couple people message me and was the same from both. i submitted a bug report in the app itself with a screenshot of it too.

Same for my friend and I since yesterday.

Very VERY annoying.

Please fix ASAP !

Same issue here, just started yesterday.

Same issue here. I find that using the beta client lets you sidestep the issue, but it returns if you try to pop out chat windows.

Can confirm, it only happens with the pop out chat window.

I hope they aren’t trying to kill the pop out chat window to force us tom use the embedded chat window in the client.

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Happening for me with the main client. I also second that I don’t want to use the embedded chat. I really dislike it; it reminds me of origin.

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Happening to me as well.

Can confirm for 2 in pop out chat window.
Friend reported the issue to me, after friend restarted to no avail, I restarted to see if it was on my end. Issue then appeared for me after restart.

Can confirm this is still happening.

This is happening to me as well.

Same issue for me exactly as described by OP.

Happening to me as well, over in the EU. I’ve tried by request from Gamemasters to; ‘Delete the Bnet and blizzard folders inside the %appdata%, %LOCALAPPDATA% and %TEMP% folders’. Afterwards I also tried as requested by Gamemasters disabling all programs on startup.

Nothing has worked and happens with all online friends. Neither I or them are using mobile, nor are I or my friends using a translator program. This issue only happens with the chat window and not the social tab.

As of the newest bnet update on 7/17/20, double messaging and auto-scrolling seems to be fixed.

Follow up for my situation as well. The recent patch has addressed this and is resolved for me.

Good job Blizz that was a quick fix, at least for me.

Hi all!

Thank you for raising this issue, it was indeed a bug that we fixed with our latest patch 1.23.1.

~Let us know if you continue to experience this issue and please continue to raise issues like these in tech support/ bug report forums!