In-Game Shop won't open

did you verify your blizzard account email? logged into blizzards website with the same account linked to diablo. go to the top right and click on your account name for a drop down menu. than click on account settings. and it should say to verify your account. so click on the send verification email. go to your email and click the link. once your account is verify. reload diablo and the shop should load. its what worked for me. hope this helps

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^^^^YES thank you so much! That’s all it was! Just go to your account icon on the website and hit account settings I think it is and complete your profile. Verifying your email should be a part of that process!

I did everything you said but i can’t open shop again :pensive:

I can open shop on mobile (both my iPhone and iPad) but not on PC. This is the same thing for hearthstone for me too.

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Same here, with shop. Five days ago shop was OK and working good. But now I have same situation like many of you guys.

Item cannot be load
Error Code: 0

I add authenticator and still same, lets hope after reinstall all will be OK

I will try reinstall the game. Reinstallation don’t give anything, all the tile i See loading and after that same information item cannot load: error code:0

Ok like I suspect the problem was with AVG - Internet Security.
So if you guys have AVG or some other software for Internet Security, my suggestion is disable or just check witch connection are blocked by Internet Security software.

I am having the Same issue

I am having the Same issue

That won’t work if you use the same email from other games on Immortal, as it might be already ‘verified’. Tried your steps to no avail. You must have created a new Blizzard account for the game then?
I even tried disabling security softwares here (Antivirus, firewalls, etc), still no change. It’s been days (since the beginning) with this, can’t open ingame shop no matter what.

Same, on Android and haven’t been able to access shop for 3 days now. Gave them a 1 star in app store since I am losing out on any rewards or temp offers.

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same issue here android version

I am having the same issue. My cellphone is a Samsung as well… Wont u fukr fix that bug? come on!

Is there any solution for this?

Same issue. Repaired, reinstalled, switched between cellphone and Wi-Fi network, but it’s still going on. Loosing daily rewards and can’t claim adept and prodigy’s prizes.

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