In-Game Shop won't open

My wife and I are both playing Diablo Immortal on our PCs, she can get into the in-game shop but I cannot. I click the upper right button (With the 3 lines in it), I click on shop, it says “Loading…”, then after a while it says it cannot load items and says “Error Code: 0”

I can’t spend money on the game if I can’t enter the shop. It’s Blizzard that will loose out on this bug far more than I will. Maybe this will get someones attention?


Hey, I’m having the same issue on mobile. All my friends are able to access the shop but I either get error code#0 or error code#10200283.


I am having the Same issue

I have the same issue with mobile (playing with Galaxy A52), but with pc works ok. Guess there is no fix for this yet? Re-installed the game already a few times on mobile, but didn´t work.

Same issue here! S22.

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Same problem. Would purchase from online web site, did for orbs, however orb package is only item. I tried - will just keep money!

same issue here android version


I have the same issue huwaei phone


Also have been having this same issue and error code on mobile! Very frustrating haha

You guys are so lucky that you cannot be scammed out of $100k for maxxed out character. Be glad you cannot get into the microh3ll store.

same here T_T :pensive: since two days ago

well also f2p players as me can get free gift from store :pensive: <3


I had the same problem. I solved it by checking my email on the website.

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What do you mean email on website?

Same here Huawei P40.

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I am having the Same issue

I get the same error code#10200283 I just wanna be able to claim the free gift each day. been like this since the 2nd day it came out. hopeing a fix comes out soon.

Shop not open , i use even vpn and other things can do but still not open plzzzz blizzard fix it . Error code 0

Nvm I got it just verify the email. and it worked. tysm

Shop is not opening for me on Mobile