Improvements, Innovations, Ideas, Wishlist, nice to haves (for Starcraft 2)

I am missing a topic where everyone posts things to improve or ideas they would like implemented in Starcraft 2.

Here are two ideas I personally would like:

  1. ) Color every color (e.g. the color for players at the victory/defeat screen statistics graphs) with a thin additional color inside the normal color bar for allies and enemies.
    (make this optional)

  2. ) Enable labels, so everytime you hover over any unit or data specific to a player other than yourself, you see their name.
    (make this optional)

Benefit examples:

  1. The victory/defeat screen graphs for 4v4 would not be so immediately opaque. There are 8 different colors but no option for enemy / ally colors there.
  2. Ingame you could know immediately who the “pink” etc. player was, that was referenced like so in the chat.

Hey demus,

This forum is for feedback on the game launcher app. Starcraft 2 has its own forums here. The General Discussion would be the place for suggestions.

However, having said that, late last year Bliz ended development of SC2. So with a couple rare exceptions, how the game is now is how it will be forever.