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We need to do something. This guy is saying we have to invade the financial elite and deal with it quickly.

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Well, technically the only power you have as a consumer is to not buy their games.


I’m simply stating the facts. This company no longer has the will to provide us with an adequate franchise or piece of an old franchise. We don’t need to “invade” anything. I personally refuse to purchase anything from Blizzard or Activision. They have proven their ineptitude time and time again over the last 10 years.

It’s just like Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs said. You can’t allow the financial guys to run the company, because it’ll be ran into the ground when innovation stops for the quick buck. It’s why Morheim left his company. He cashed out because Kotik is destroying every company he pulls into Activision. It’s not hard to see, it’s the modern era of cannibalizing and cashing out on franchises and nostalgia. It’s happening in the movie and goods/services industries as well. It’s why people aren’t happy with their entertainment like they were in the 60s-80s, when ideas were new and bold.


That’s a very foolish comment, considering “not purchasing the game” is ineffective. You give sound analysis then bail Blizzard out by being against doing anything, even with the people you say are the cause.

Gamers have halved their iq in 15 years. Remember all those anti-EA stories and the like? You hear of nothing now. That whole sector of people were ignored and buried. Only difference is you will bury yourself.

Listen you are so defeatist. You know the problem yet do nothing. No important people talked to. No soft power. Nothing. The richest gamer in the USA is powerless because of that defeatist idiocy you espouse while knowing the problem. Someone get Kotick out now no matter what.

Have you made a game company of your own, Crevurre?

The sad truth is that if they release a game that’s 70-85% quality, it will sell pretty well still.

If they make a masterpiece 90+%, sure they will sell a few more copies but you’re already getting the majority of the buyers at the 80% mark (diminishing returns on supply expense lol). It’s sad but I just don’t think the games will ever be like they used to be from this developer.

It’s a supply and demand curve, and sadly to get the quality higher (demand) then the developer needs to put in a lot of resources (supply) and it appears it’s not worth it for them anymore. Maybe to move the cost of supply doesn’t meet the benefit of the additional demand. The demand curve just doesn’t shift a ton from 80% to 90% and the customer base appears to be mostly complacent with 80% at the price point.

Also, it seems like ideas are no longer fresh, like the teams are instructed on how the game should be. They are attempting to make games that appeal to a mass instead of interesting, novel, masterpieces. For instance, Diablo 3 was destroyed in an effort to simplify the game for the masses. However, it sold a lot so the developer probably thinks they can upgrade a few things from 3 and do it again; another “simplify everything to make it more accessible but deliver a shallow product”.

Now if this were a developer that didn’t already have the name recognition (developer name and franchise names), it may make more sense for them to get the quality higher because the quality would be a larger contributor to the function that is game sales.

All we can do is not buy their games in the future if we find it unacceptable. Sadly, for just $40-60 the acceptable threshold may be low (75%? haha. How many times are customers willing to be burned and show up in masses to buy generic, dull games? The only way to change it is to not buy their games unless they are what you want.).

I just wanted to say I fully support you in your endeavors of invading, raiding, demolishing, whatever it takes at actiblizzion headquarters.

You need to start something. I’m behind you.

Lol jk

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They’ve routed around people who don’t buy, by saying “it’s not selling well with traditional audiences, so make it more like this foreign country/ethnicity to appeal to their playerbase-we can bypass our original base.”

I still think that the problem stems from whether vanilla ice cream is better than chocolate ice cream. For decades, chocolate was my go to ice cream. Then, I tried a really good quality vanilla ice cream. Now, I cannot go back to chocolate.

Seems like there are no self-aware ppl around.