Immortal vault reward at cycle end

When cycle ends, immortals do not get the vault rewards from the last week.
As vault rewards are given at the end of each week, it is expected to also get the rewards at the end of the cycle, because otherwise a whole week of tediously gathering prestige via vault defence is for nothing. I think the items can be delivered via in-game email, and timing should be easy to solve. (NOTE: you cannot access previous week rewards after cycle end because there is a 7 day cooldown for becoming immortal again, so that whole week)

Rumor has it, you could have gotten the rewards between 0 and 3am, after which time you aren’t allowed to enter the halls anymore. Not sure if that’s true, but I‘d also expected the rewards via mail, then.

Will try it this cycle. But the correct solution would be to send them via mail.

The rewards given at the end of the week are as a reward for the Immortals maintaining their status as Immortals. If your reign is overthrown by the Shadows, you didn’t maintain the reign and therefore don’t get the rewards.

I don’t think this is a bug, but rather a gameplay mechanic that you’d like to be changed.

By the way, I understand your frustration though. I’ve been an Immortal twice at this point.

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