Immortal Vault enter/exit problem

Hi, after last update I have a problem to enter and exit immortal vault and Kion. Game doesn’t loading and stops at 0%. Im reinstall game and doesn’t help at all. I can’t do immortals contributions like defending vault or Kions raids.
Please fix this, thank you


same things happend to me . please fix it as soon , every time just stuck on loading screen while entering vault . thx

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I have the same problem on my character

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i got the same problem entering and exiting the immortal hall after i inherit the new leg item

I have the same issue. I have cleared the cache, reinstalled the game. I was unable to defend the vault or do Corvus expedition due to the loading screen remaining at 0%

Failed to load into hall of ascension on both phone (Samsung s22 ultra) and PC.

exactly the same thing. pc and s22 The same problem. are you immortal leader? I do and I’m the only one on my server to have this problem.

I am the immortal leader. I am also a barbarian. On reddit it seems to be effecting barbarians.

I have the same problem.
I am the immortal leader. I am also a barbarian.

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Yes . I m a barbarian too

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Seems that barbs with the new extracted helmet have this problem. Class change fix it but after 3 vaults 0% loading screen again and no possibility to change class again for a week

I do not have a new helmet. I extracted the new chest and main hand.

same issue, my toon is also Barbs.

Same here, I was able to enter the vault earlier today, now tonite i get the 0 percent loading bug. I have extracted a couple of the new legendaries. Do not remember which.

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I have the same problem, and we should donate money for such bugs, i missed two days of vaults and kion already, thank you greedy blizzard


I gave up on the vault this week.haha

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Problem fixed for me hope dont come back.
Just try to enter hall and like nothing happens

Is it really fix bro? Did you try entering/exiting the hall like many times?

Yes man, do 8 vaults today. Load in 2 sec 100%

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