Immortal Trials Quest Bug

Immortal Trials quest bug. I have completed the quest, but it is still tracking it and there is no way of removing it. The “Immortal Trials” quest currently says “Open Immortal handbook and collect your rewards.” Clicking the magnifying glass on the quest to open the handbook does not allow me to complete the quest, because the quest has already been completed and I have one of the reward, the Immortal cloak. This bug may have occurred when I was in the middle of turning in the quest during its cutscene, the battleground timer went to 0 and I was entered into the battleground. Everyday I am only receiving 8 Immortal Daily Goals quest instead of 9.

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I’m experiencing exactly the same, i.e. I have done the daily challenges but I cannot go beyond the point of collecting the rewards. Any idea anyone?

Did you ever get this fixed? I’m encountering the exact same problem

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