Immortal can get double credit for dailys and sigils

If an immortal turns in sigils late Sunday or does daily activity late Sunday early Monday before server reset, those contributions points count for the week ending and also for the next week. If they do daikys Monday at 2am. They will start the week with 90 points in the daily and 120 in the contributions. By end of the day Monday if the player uses this exploit, they can end Monday with 410 points from daikys and sigils giving them a huge boost over other immortals competing for prizes from the vault. And they get credit for them twice. If they do this two weeks in a row and I’ve seen some immortals end the week with 820 points from dailys and 1200 from sigils, that’s 420 points they are reusing. This shouldn’t be possible since you can only do 9 dailys per day and recieve 90 points and you can only aquire 12 sigils each day and recieve 120 points/. For that one 7 day period. 630 points from daily and 860 from contributins should be the max .

Hording? Absolutely! We had one momo do this because he wanted the rewards after and he knows better. This is an exploit.