I'm really getting tired

I have read some players over on Facebook about other players somehow cheats in the game Hearthstone . for a while , i didn’t believe it , the game looked like it was tough to crack and help these "kids " and Young adults ( plays like kids when it comes to strategy speaking ) … but then, one day , i was playing the game and what happen blew my mind . for some reason a player KNEW exactly what cards i have and then they would out beat it …

i have played a lot of these types games for the past 11 years and to this day , i find it very DISAPPOINTED with the fact that , a C E 0 that own a game like Hearthstone, or any other games , don’t care about their customers happiness ( when it comes to playing a good game against another player WITHOUT using any CHEATING HACKING PROGRAM !!! … i also was told by a team member of Hearthstone in a comment on Facebook that , there’s no one that is cheating . i find that VERY HARD TO BELIEVE . a couple of days ago , i read a player’s comment , spending WELL OVER $1000 in the past Months IF NOT YEARS and still he or she feels like they are getting RIPPED OFF by the sear FACT that there are players that are CHEATING IN THIS GAME !!! … i’m glad i don’t go spending a crap loads of money in this game . however i did buy a couple of things and well needless to say , it wasn’t really worth it . hey at least i now KNOW not too be fooled by click baiting game just to see if getting like tavern pass was worth getting … which i found out , it wasn’t … oh yeah 4 tickets to the arena ??? … and only to find out , i still get beating ?? … no thank you .

oh and i almost forgot , the person that spend well over $1000 even found out that he or she was banned ?? for what ? i don’t know but apparently someone from the company didn’t like how the person was complaining and so therefore , they took it upon themselves to be the “king” or Queen " to ban this person … to me that’s a cheap shot if you ask me …

to the C E 0 , …might wanna get your priority straight when it comes to respecting your customers thoughts and opinions. also might want to see how these players are really screwing you over … you know that they are …and yet …you do nothing ?? … if i owned this game meaning if i was the C E O , oh there will be heads spinning like there’s no tomorrow .

This isn’t a Hearthstone forum.

ooh i thought it was … my bad . thank you Wain .