Im not getting enough blizzard advertisements

Missing alot of commercials due to cigarette breaks and baby problems
my real life mail box is only winn dixie coupons
my kids dont know about this game, really.

they should. its your fault.

I assume you are being sarcastic and joking…but if you wish to control promotional emails you can toggle it in your Account Settings.

Go to Account Settings at the top right of the website under your Btag name then go to Account Details > scroll down to > Communication Preferences and make sure the box is either set to get promotions or NOT get promotions. Whichever your prefer.

If your concern is the promotions in the Blizzard desktop launcher, you can make sure that stays on all the time to give you maximum promotions! If you prefer you can just go to your settings and have it minimize to tool bar or even close when you launch a game. You can also make sure it does not start when you boot your PC. You can’t remove the adds from it or increase them, but you certainly can avoid seeing them if you don’t want to deal with them outside launching the games.

i was thinking maybe more references in new tv shows and movies, what is dead dogs