If you know, please, tell Blizzard

I’m a little pissed off.

Help to possibly end this queue which hurts legits and which increases the value of the items which item shops and botters are selling. In one shop, I recently saw javs for 80$. C’mon. This is exploitation. Children and adults who lack the capacity to know when they are being defrauded/robbed are spending their or their parent’s money on these things and on the false economy of forum gold. This is not an example of capitalism. This is exploitation of the vulnerable.

Someone in that other forum and as a response to someone else boasted that they know what is going on with the servers. If you know, please, do message Blizzard so that they can create a fix for it.

As it is the internet, the boaster’s claim of knowledge is likely to be nonsense. Yet, I am hoping that someone can help Blizzard to help us.

“First of all as you said ‘Hackers are spamming a packet that allows them to create hundreds of thousand games without joining them.’ This is incorrect, Do i know how its done ?? Yes, will not release how its done for obvious reasons.”
— boaster

I hope that if one of you actually know something that you will help your community by contacting Blizzard. Family, friends, and individuals would love to be playing this awesome legacy game, yet these queues are just denying them that fun and connection.

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And what is blizzard going to do?

I can already picture the underpaid intern receiving such information and going, who the hell are you even…? and then keeps on playing Diablo immoral on his phone.


I do not mind what Blizzard thinks of me. And, you are right that things may not change even if we make any kind of plea. I will miss Diablo 2’s bnet play if and when it is finally taken offline.

B net will be gone soon just like what happend to d1 so enjoy it now. for soon nothing of it shall remain but blizzards laughter

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