If you dare to collect, I will ban it?

The incident occurred on August 11, 2023, from 7:15 am to 9:15 am, during which I manually conducted a collection activity on the Wrath of the Lich King International server for no more than 2 hours. Subsequently, my account has been suspended to this day.

During this period, I made multiple appeals, and the response from the Blizzard customer service team remains consistent with violating the game rules. What I want to ask is, isn’t mining and grass digging a profession that comes with World of Warcraft? Can manual collection within 2 hours affect the experience of other players in the game? What is wrong?

Is it possible to change the rules within the game of World of Warcraft according to the preferences and dislikes of certain people? Isn’t the reason why World of Warcraft can thrive and thrive due to its greater openness and inclusiveness? Is there an invisible red line that cannot be explicitly stated but actually exists without using third-party scripts or bugs?

Isn’t this legislation, without informing the public, and without the public’s knowledge, being arrested and sentenced for violating the law?

First, this is the api form not the wow game forums over here: World of Warcraft Forums

Second: if you got suspended, you must of violated the ToS rules some how especially if you used any addon or 3rd party tool to automate any process that cannot be done in the game using the tools baked into the game, but im not here to defend blizzard only to say you are in the wrong forum and blizzard will do whatever they want with their property you appealed and failed take your time and play once your account is reinstated from a suspension