Iben Fahde Tenacity (insane)

Hello i need help im paragon 373 and i got problem with getting iben fahd tenacity…Im playing from first day and still didnt get him.Im opening every day first chest, also i was open 12 times all chests and still nothing…I see people saying if you open every day first 2 room ( 85 keys) you will get stone!!! and people post picture with prove this method working but not for me… I colect 1000 keys and opening now almoust 2 weeks now every day first 2 room and nothing :thinking:…Dont know what to do anymore this make me so angry :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.All my friends got long time ago this stone only i didnt get him yet…Im requesting to check my account and see is it some bug maybe or is it possible to somehow stone drop and i didnt see him ???Im also want give advice about this stone to change this finally !!! Because many people got same problem with this stone…“In moment when you first time open all chests,from the last chest must be 100% guarantee you geting Iben fahde tenacity” isnt this somehow logic ??? Im already end game got over 7k cr and still dont have iben fahde tenacity please fix this …this is literally insane…and please check my account becaus this is not normal


Lol, same boat. About to break 7k CR, still no Tenacity. Around 300 chests opened I believe. RNG is a blessing.

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Thank you, I was going to write the same thing, just a bit more vulgar, because this is a Blizzard bug

The drop chance is 1% for each chest opened, so…

  • Chance the item will drop when a chest is opened = 1/100
  • Chance the item will not drop when a chest is opened = 99/100
  • Chance the item will not drop from any of X chests when opened = (99/100)^X
  • Chance the item will not drop from any of 100 chests when opened = (99/100)^100 = 0.36603
  • Chance the item will not drop from any of 200 chests when opened = (99/100)^200 = 0.13397
  • Chance the item will not drop from any of 300 chests when opened = (99/100)^300 = 0.04904

This is RNG, and bad luck is not a bug.

It is stupid though, that people can’t get this within a reasonable time.

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Indeed it is, but it’s bad design, not a bug.

For sure. It’s just unfair.

Paragon 420 and still haven’t got it. I have opened thousands of chests. This is the dumbest thing.

It’s 1 % chance when opening a chest, independently on how many keys were used to open said chest. Consequently, you should NOT open further than the first room to maximize your chances to get the tenacity. Opening those first 5 chests every day means you’ve a decent chance to get the tenacity within 3 months.
Furthermore, opening all chests is actually giving you less crystals than opening only the first room. As such, only do the full run if you’ve stockpiled keys from events or shop packs.

I still criticize this for months, even if I got it soon in the game. This is just stupid and totally insane to be paragon 100 and don’t have it yet ! And the developers did absolutely nothing to avoid this ! Stupidiest than stupid !

This kind of thing should never depend on RNG, most of all when it never happens during 7 months ! The developer deciding this is a huge moron !

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