Iben cheast crystal

Dont get crystal for open all cheast i iben

The drop rate on the gem is very low and it is not a guaranteed drop from the last chest at all.

You can only keep opening chests until it drops.

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Use the search…


Feel dumb.

1% drop rate I still don’t have it and I’m paragon 148 I still saving keys and open all chest in one day. just keep opening the chest until one day will drop

No one says that it is a 1% chance it is really low this needs to be known because people spend money to get that gem that is not right please blizzard fix this issue

It literally says in game it’s a 1% drop rate from any chest.

Enter Sanctum - Click on Shrine - Click on Overview “i” (Top Left): “With a 1% chance of obtaining Iben Fahd’s Tenacity from opening a chest”.

People believing it drops off the last chest after opening everything are making assumptions or receiving false information.



Do you honestly expect a single one of the people who come here to whine about this to actually read? Hahaha…


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