I will never buy a blizzard game ever again

I will never buy a Blizzard game ever again. I’m walking away for good. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Well, it seems that they fooled me more than twice now and I can’t take it anymore.

I’ve been patient, I’ve been a super fan since November 1994, I’ve given them years of chances, but Diablo 2 Resurrected was the last straw, they fooled us like never before this time.

I’ve personally contacted as many people as possible to inform them that I am walking away from orchestrating Blizzard’s super fan communities and have already closed our British-Columbia, Ontario and Quebec chapter of the Blizzard super fan community, I have brought down all our Blizzard websites, we have closed all our pages and permanently delisted all our pages off of Google.

Never before have I been so insulted, Blizzard in 2021 is a disaster. I hope Blizzard understands the reason for sending out the 340 000 emails that we have sent out to our subscribers informing them of our councils vote regarding the closure of all our chapters.


I don’t blame you. Blizzard has been trash for a while now. Move on… it’s not like there’s not enough games out there. Steam only has what… 50,000? :relaxed:

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I agree. I have one of the oldest Steam accounts in the world and have gone back to it (“Thomas Lavoie” on Steam). I’ve purchased the game Rust on Steam while Diablo 2 Resurrected was down and have had a wonderful and life changing experience playing Rust while on my 3 week vacation. It was life changing and amazing, I would rate my experience at 10/10, however everything Blizzard related just gives me negative emotions, providing me with a happiness rating of 0/10.

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Hi there

I was thinking of buying d2r, can you explain what you found wrong with it?

the forced online play is already wearing thin on people nerves. blizz has a fantastic track record of under estimitaing server issues on launches and of all games diablo 2 remaster is just flat facepalm. dealing with connectivity issues crashing and when server go down you are stuck to playing the very limited no longer TCP/IP offline which is playing solo-self-found POE exciting. this need to be OFFLINE and bring TCP/IP/modding support back

it provided a couple evenings of great nostalgia, and the graphics update is phenomenal. However, there is no support for multiplayer outside of battle.net, and battle.net keeps going down. I, too, am finally done with my favorite video game developer from the 90s. it’s been downhill since 2000 and i just didnt have the heart to give up on the people who gave me WC2 and SC. They produce good games, but terrible interfaces and support systems, it creates stress.


If you haven’t already, try Grim Dawn, pretty good game.

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“it provided a couple evenings of great nostalgia, and the graphics update is phenomenal”

This right here is what they were banking on and it worked. They knew how the community loved this game back in the day and knew they could make a lot off of said nostalgia. Its the first game my son and I played together, great memories, that’s why we purchased it this time around, 58 and 27 and still logging in together and playing.

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Can i refund this game. Blizz trash

Agreed. This the first game I’ve paid full price on release day since Borderlands. Never again. And done with Blizzard

servers go down for 2 hours and you clowns act like this. every multiplayer in existence has had similar problems repeatedly. Stop being so entitled go and enjoy the same problem on the next game you play with online multiplayer. sounds like your just walking away from your responsibilities


i think they are using d2 as a template for d4.

return my money, the server don’t worth

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I couldn’t agree with you more, this is the last time I buy a Blizzard game. They push Absolute Garbage to the market that is riddled with bugs. I tired of wasting the first month or more with a game that is unplayable.

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-The game does not launch. The game doesn’t work.
-I bought a $3500 computer specifically for this game, my computer is too advanced to run the game.
-The servers delete all your characters. The servers cannot save your games.
-An extreme level of bugs, the rubberbanding bug is out of control (the game rewinds 3 second every 9 seconds)

Fun factor rating:
-Minus 4 out of 10, or 0/10 (This game will destroy my mental health and is a total disaster).

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Thank you.

I will find a different game. :smiley:


looking forward to seeing you when d4 comes out. im sure you will have plenty to whine about there too.