I was wrongly perma banned in call of duty

I was perma banned in call of duty modern warfare 2019. I was trynna play some cod a few days after new years and saw that I was logged in my alt account. I did some digging and foud out my main account was deactivated or something. I explained the situation in my ban appeal that my account may have gotten hacked (turns out it wasn’t) and I got banned anyways for “manipulation of game files” and “use of client”. In my almost 2 years of playing the game I have never hacked once in it yet they didn’t care and still banned me.

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Join the club :rofl:

Neither Blizzard nor Activision will help you. They point the blame on each other. Disgusting customer service from both of them. The Battle.net account is banned permanently. Best thing you can do is never install or buy any of their games and also sue them for preventing access to a game you purchased and got wrongfully banned on.