I want to refund Watchpoint pack

I cant play overwatch 2 since I have cricket so i would like to refund the watchpoint pack since i cant even use it. But i dont see an option for that. I tried their support options but nothing helped. How do i get my money back?


To get a refund you would need to use the ticket system.

If you qualify it should be automatic, if not, you will need to follow up with a request for a GM to review it manually.

Here is a direct ticket link for you Contact Support - Blizzard Support

I once studied weather or not there was legal action you can take when a game becomes unplayable. Overwatch now is in that territory. Alot of people purchased Overwatch 1 and now if they have a pre-paid cell phone plan they can no longer can play the flop know as Overwatch 2. In my case I paid 4 times for Overwatch 1 when me and my wife moved to PC from Xbox. That’s $240 and tons of progress wasted. I have a really good filling a class action lawsuit would reward those who can’t play their money back for purchasing OW 1. DEV’s read this PLZ

you studied weather?