I thought with a new general discussion

I thought that with a new fresh Diablo II General Discussion forum that d2 gamers would move on from complaining and have fun with this awesome classic game. Ah, wishful thinking on my part. This posting may even add to the complaining that fills the new forum.

With or w/o bots and with or w/o any weird flaws, Diablo 2 is hella-fun to play. It’s a great way to meet new peeps from all over and to have fun together.


One thing that I know is that the average Joe has no shortage of things to complain about. Sometimes you just have to let it go in one ear and out the other.

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Geez, you make it sound like someone is speaking on behalf of everyone, making demands on Blizz. If you don’t want to cry and complain and not have to report people for hurting your feelings, maybe do what is missing, instead of crying and complaining. Unless of course you made your accounts about a year before the old forum shut down to perpetuate the trolling from the jsp crowd.

So what do you want to talk about? Sorc is actually the most powerful melee character?

Online is dead just play single player that’s where the real fun is

Idk about most powerful but the enchantress is hella fun

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I just realized I used the same expression as the OP


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The Most Powerful Melee Character


Helm: RW Dream
Shield: RW Dream
Weapon: PB RW Passion

Armour: RW CoH
Amulet: Highlords or Atma (I prefer HL for the damage buffs)
Ring: RF
Ring: BK
Gloves: LoH
Belt: Spider
Boots: Gore
You want at least +4 to all skills to get Zeal to min of lvl 5. lvl 4 will work to get the 5 hits but lvl 5 is when the Zeal damage bonus starts kicking in.
A high FHR and high AR are very important, too. Both can be boosted by charms.

Essential Skill Points
20 on Telekinesis
20 on Energy Shield
20 on Lightening Mastery

/players 8
Tele to Chaos
Cast Energy Shield
Zeal everything to death with 1 hit.

If you have a Infinity/might merc… things just got epic insane.

Second most powerful melee character

WW Barbarian

Ebotd 2 hand weapon.

Nothing else matters, even naked on /players 8 works.

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Yep, that’s the delicious part.

I like to explode things. And I like female characters. And I like to play characters in ways they were not meant to be played as. :mask:

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I assume Death Sentry is a win for you.

Dual Dream… Mmmm… Bugged shockadin… Too bad it doesn’t work anymore. :slight_smile:

Its A Well Known Fact Dual Grief Is Better Than 2 hand Ebotd

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It would’t be half as powerful as the duel dream/passion sorc.

Better how? Dueling?

As far as solo clearing any lvl 85 area and Nihl in an 8 player game, no barb build does it faster than an ebotd thunder maul and no barb player can do it faster than me. I literally solo clear (8 player) throne and chaos half naked faster than any other melee character except the duel dream/passion sorc. Solo (8 player) and without tele, from the wp, I can get to and take out Nilh and his minions in 1 minute with my ebot thunder maul. Griefers can’t compete.

Yeah, but he worked great for magic find/farming.

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Yeah, the trapsin was my first hell-capable toon ever, I love her

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general is that the game is overdue to make’ people “it needs to make” when giving the sorc something smack the paladin come on now